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Picture, and size question

Mar 31, 2003
I got my tank-raised Bimac. from fishsupply.com last week. Named Pixel, right now his mantle is about 1.25 inches long and his legs are about 2.5 inches each or so. (I never knew how hard it could be to estimate size of something). My guess is that Pixel was hatched the first week of September.

Right now I have him in a 75 gallon tank with some companions. He is currently quarantined off in a plastic terrarium completely submerged in the tank. The terrarium is probably about 7 gallons or so.

Other creatures in the tank: 2 Sergeant Majors (a type of Damselfish), 2 Sally Golightly crabs, and two Turbo Snails. The fish are a little over an inch long each, and the crabs are probably about 3" across.

I originally put Pixel in the terrarium to protect him from the fish and the crabs. The fish are pretty territorial, and the crabs are probably about the same size as the octopus.

I am wondering when it would be best to let Pixel out into the main tank.


Nick: Sorry for the confusion. There is no other tank, there is only the 75g with the terrarium in it. The question is when to let the octopus out of the terrarium.

lotus101: Yeah, it is something I thought about when I set it up. What you cannot see is the Maxi-Jet 1200 angled down a few inches from the top of the terrarium. It is pushing about almost 300gph right through the grates at the top of the terrarium. This is in addition to the rest of the the flow in the tank.
Cant ever imagine an octopus doing well in a terrarium??? :) That's a name for a tank with soil and plants in it :)

Anyway, I wouldnt let it out partly because of the Sgt Majors as i wouldnt trust them not to pick at the octo... Id wait until either you remove the damsels or until he is at leats 2 - 3 times bigger..

of that's of some help

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