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Pics and a really dumb website


Jul 27, 2004

heres my ocot eating a crab (reflection) and trying to eat me at the same time.


Meatwad in the cave

Website i made that is kinda stupid
but its free and hosting is free and pic uploads are free
and domainname is free :smile:
sorseress said:
Neat pics! He's such a gorgeous little thing. All I got when I clicked on the website link was a bunch of letters and numbers.
Ok, I went back to the link a second time, and still got the letters and numbers thing, but later I tried again, and third time must be a charm, because the web page came up. Nice. I love cuttle eyes. :smile:
hes getting there
hes starting to understand that I only put food in when the lights are on.
so when i walk downstairs after dinner I can see him periscoping his eyes at me.
Unlike Tank Raised Octos Caution Not Curiosity is the key word here.
He will be all nervous until he reaffrims that the glass is still between me and him when I come to talk to him.
he was "wall walking" last night and the damsels have sealed their fate
I saw one try to peck at meatwads eye.
Its over for them.
Yeah hes pretty active.
water temp is 78
he gets reallllly active if he thinks he might be hungry :smile:

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