Photo of Edwina at 3 Months

Dec 4, 2002
Here's another picture!


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and feeding well, I am sure! I don't understand people (ie:my parents, shanlyns parents, most of my friends) who think of octos as just eight armed slugs...obviously, Edwina is the queen of her own peculiar demesne, and rightfully so!!! She looks great! Have you tried the toy thing yet??? (there was a great thread about green legos)
I was just having this conversation with my boyfriend of ten years, Ed. He gets it. We've been diving together for years and he's watched my love of octopuses grow. He was there the first time I saw one on a dive and the divemaster was handling it. That was IT for me..... Most people's reaction is " You keep one as a pet? That's really cool." But they don't know any more than the fact that they have eight legs. When you tell them about their level of intelligence, their ability to reason and problem-solve, to play, their amazing eyesight etc...they're always totally surprised. Most people don't understand how you could get attached to them though.
They're so smart. Sometimes, you see those octopus eyes lookin' at you, and it's a little creepy. You know they're thinkin'...but about what?! ha! ...To me, it's like having a smart little sea monster. They're interesting CREATURES.
Every time I pass by a ceph tank, I realize that they are studying me as much as I am them...makes one humble! And fascinated!

Newbie - ex-lurker here. I wasn't going to register as I lack a bimac of my own, but after a few days of looking at that picture and reading about her attitude I absolutely had to come on and say:

Oh my God, is she the single most precious thing in the universe? Wow. She's adorable & even more so with her attitude :biggrin2:. I hope she's doing well (?)! What does she eat if she's so tiny? Are there krill or other aquatic beasties small enough for her to hunt?

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