Our lil baby


Aug 9, 2004
He or she is still unnamed, but here is a quick pic, I will try to get better pics. Everytime i take them they never come out.
that came out pretty good....

maybe if you have a tripod use it or sit the camera down on something to take a long exposure shot....
Not bad... What a cutie!! I find if you don't freak them with the flash, they become very used to the camera.

Good luck with your new baby!!

H e really is cute, I need to get better pictures, he's just camera shy. I really wish I knew if it is a he or a she. :frown: Would make choosing a name easier.
Well, I think we've all faced that he or she problem, and we've just chosen a sex. Sometimes the names can be unisex.

Last year I was convinced that my bimac Ollie was a male. But, Ollie turned out to be a girl, so we made a gender switch!


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