Oscars first pictures


O. vulgaris
Apr 27, 2007
Here is a 1 min video of my new octopus. I was hoping someone could help me id him.

He is approx 6" long. So far, he is more active at night, but he moves around during the day too.

Most of the the pictures are taken from the side of a 75 gal tank.

He loves fiddler crabs.


  • conv_303035.wmv
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Look up Clyde the Octopus, same species. Clydes owner has 2 more just like him as well, and I don't think he ever figured out what species they are exactly, but they all came from saltwaterfish.com.

They are all VERY day active, and yellow seems to be one of their favorite colors.

Some of the coolest captive octopus video I have seen, Goodwin9's photobucket page: Photo and Video Storage | Photobucket
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