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Ooops he inked


Blue Ring
Mar 10, 2005
Hi Everyone - I've been a lurker here since January - always reading and keeping up but never posting. So Hi!

My boyfriend and I have a bimac. We've had him since Jan 10th and he's doing very well and getting big. He ever comes out for my boyfriend but he loves me. He's out for me all the time. He plays in front of me and likes to do tricks and dance. But last night he was out and I was looking at him and I went to get a little closer (like I always do) and he inked! For the very first time ever! I'm not quite sure why either. I didn't make any sudden moves or threaten him.

My question is why did he ink? And I've heard it's bad if they ink?

Any thoughts on this to ease my mind?


P.S. the water looks perfectly clear as I think the filters and protein skimmer took care of everything. Should I still do a water change?
Mine has only inked once and for the same reason. I have no idea why but I did my water change a few days earlier and its been a week or so and everything is normal.

You should be prepared for your octo inking because most of them do it a few times. The protein skimmer is the best way to remove the ink, unless the octo is small and the ink is thick, in which case you can use the panty hose net.

If your octo inked, it might be that you came up to the tank more quickly than ususal, or from a different direction, or came between your octo and a light. And sometimes they seem to be more skittish than others.

Thanks everyone for your responses. We did a water change, although the skimmers seemed to take care of everything and our little guy is very happy.

I hope to post pics soon!
First off, :welcome: to the forums!! Nice to have you here!

It might no always be you, cephalopods have a rather large focal point and it could be something in the background. Or something else could have caused a vibration? Who knows? But I'm really glad you guys decided to play safe and change the water, couldn't have done any bad.

You should change your filter media if your animal inks alot or if you can alot of black residue on it, and your protein skimmer's collection cup too.
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