Ollie's a Homewrecker


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

Ollie is now up to a 12" dinnerplate size (arms stretched out) and very strong. The games we played like pull the stick are starting to have serious effects on the live rock - he can pick up very large pieces with one arm and and can shove any rock. He has seriously rearranged some of his favorite places, so his home is not quite the same.

I'm trying to change our games a bit and he's making an effort to play more gently, too, I think. Today we had a much more gentle tug of war.

Here is the latest Ollie pic!

Any updates on Ollie's siblings?

Ha, sounds like fun. Do you have a "before" and "after" picture to show, so we can see the effect Ollie has had? That would be great!
Well, Tony, each time Ollie wrecks his one of his favorite places, I go in and try to reconstruct it for him, so the total result isn't so dramatic after I finish. But one large coral branch is in quite a different position now, despite my efforts.

while octos are extremely strong for their size, lets think about the physics of throwing a rock underwater..... the skeptic in me says 'ummmmm no'
yeah i agree, but probably much more likely that a digging octopus causes a landslide and a rock goes through the tank that way!

I have see that in an African Rift Lake cichlid tank before.

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