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Ok how do you move a cuttle?


Jul 27, 2004
Zim is too big for his 75 gal and i need to move him into his 150
ANy suggestions?
anyway to do it short of scooping him up in a bucket and just dumping him in the new one?
Well I'm no expert in salt tanks, but for our freshwater tanks if we needed to move somebody from one to the other we had to put him in a container with his original tank water, then add some of the other tank water until he got acclimated, and also keep an eye on water temperature. Much the same way as when you buy a fish -- you need to acclimate them to the new environment. But like I said, that's my experience with freshwater tanks. Salt may be altogether different.
yeah the mighty Zim aint gonna play that
he will ink no sooner i get him in the container
Then the whole "drip" Acclimation is shot
I was just wanting to get him into the new tank with no but burn
Lure him into a bag of shrimp and pull him out. (easier said than done :wink: ) OR... You could wait till he feeds and grab him and then put him in a bag. :biggrin2:
do you have any pics of Zim? Is he Officinalis?

I have never tried it, but the idea of a big, clear plastic bag with shrimp. If you could acclimate the water of the two tanks to each other, by scooping gallons back and forth, it could work. He may not know he is caught until he is airbourne and the bag full of water is the softest thing I can think of.

I will be watching this to see if anyone has a tried and true method up their sleeve.

Good luck, tell us how it turns out.
Thats sand
He buries himself in the sand to sleep and most often does not shake it off.
Have no idea why he does that.
or I know he likes to bury himself but I thought he would shake it off and I dont know why he doesnt.
Maybe he likes the feel?
Wish i could get a shot of him stalking my cat.
he grows ears out of the top of his eyes and changes to an orange/white stripe pattern (same as my cat)
its vastly amusing.
its tricky
he spots my cat cuz it moves so if i move to get a shot he looks back at me and switches to his typical "im not a cuttlefish" colors
Ill see if i can lure the cat into position this weekend
maybe a video camera... set it up aimed at the tank and bait the cat there. I can run a piece of turkey along the ground and place it somewhere and my cat will follow the scent like a bloodhound.

See a cuttlefish turn into a cat! That video would get some hits on the web!
Have you moved the cuttle yet?

When i moved my officinalis as adults I caught them in a large net and guided them towards an open bag half filled with water in the tank. Do the whole thing without taking the cuttle out of the water and it shouldnt ink.

I have found they only ink if they are removed from the water and they ink when you put them back in!

Softly softly is the way :smile:

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