[Octopus]: OhToo - O. Hummelincki (filosus)

OhToo has finally expired. I have some last days photos in the camera but am too depressed to unload them today. I think it is important to post the full experience so I will find the best one that shows his eye swelling for the sake of the journal, just not today.

I expect to send him to Jana to further Garrett's research. I am glad there are young people that can further enjoy and learn from these wonderful animals after they pass. Somehow it is a more fitting end than other alternatives.
:goodbye: Sorry, D, it's so hard to loose them.

I expect to send him to Jana to further Garrett's research. I am glad there are young people that can further enjoy and learn from these wonderful animals after they pass. Somehow it is a more fitting end than other alternatives.[/QUOTE]

"Death rejoices to come to the aid of the living"

My dad (a pathologist) has a sign with that in latin on the door of the morgue. So far, I have buried only one friend, and the rest got the unceremonious flush. I will have to do as you and find better ways for these beautiful animals to continue to bring joy after they've passed. Kudos to you, D, for giving your friends' lives continued meaning once they've gone!
RIP OhToo :angelpus:

So sorry he's gone, we followed him through his life because of your journals. I know you miss hiim.

It's important to document the whole life of an octopus, even if the end is depressing. But put the photos aside for now.

Colin and I decided to put a photo of a dead octopus (Colin's)in our book because our readers needed to be able to see all phases of an octopus's life.

Final Pictures of OhToo

I dumped my memory stick today so I am posting OhToo's last pictures but I hope Jana will add one (or more) when Garrett receives him.

#1 Shows OhToo after I scooped him off the substrate, finally released my hand and got him fully back into the water and off the lid by coaxing him to attached to the turkey baster.

#2 One of the odd things he did just before he was very ill was to try to uproot the mushroom in his tank. The mushroom was settled in the tank before he was transferred and he had never appeared to pay any attention to it. I had notice him feeling around it for a couple of days but during the sequence of pictures taken with this one, he worked his arm under the mushroom and quite purposefully tried to pull it out.

#3 The hand photo is my first "octo bite". As you can see (or not) the four little dots (completely gone now) were all the damage he did. It was very strange and he was attached like glue. Once I realized he was trying to bite me, I continually flexed my hand and I am not sure what I would have done if I had not thought of the tank top (and getting him to attach there was no easy task but I remembered Octane would climb on his similar top). It was as if he had no control over his arms, he did not flail them, just attached to anything soft that touch them.

#4 Shows the eye swelling that marked the physical appearance of the beginning of the end and would not abate with antibiotics.


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OhToo taking a field trip

Garrett is going to take OhToo to his 2nd grade class and talk about OhToo. He will also be going to a first grade class to teach them about the octopus. He is very excited. His grandpa will be video taping his talk. His first lecture as a scientist. :roflmao:How great!


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You know that makes me very happy! The preservation method is good for years so showing him about will not change Garrett's ability to see what is on the inside. Be sure and get some stills so we can see too!
common name for OhToo

Garrett wanted to know what the common name for the species of octopus OhToo is? Is he a Carribean Two Spot? I think that is what I remember you said you thought he was when you got him.

Yes, that would be the common name and an older (retired but still in much of the literature - what there is of it) name would be filosus. I used the thought of the Hummel figurines and then inky to remember but Garrett is not likely to know of the Hummel figurines so it won't help him with his lecture :hmm: but Caribbean is a mouthfull as well.
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