Oh my lord! Octopus cheap cheap cheap!

I guess the real question is, do them have them. Many sites offer octopuses but never really have them in. And often they're not very expensive. People always think octos should be very expensive and maybe it would be better if they were - but the real cost is the tank and the food.

What they list as joubini is probably mercatoris, like Ossie.

Yea, I doubt they do. A while ago I gave them an email with no response...and then called them, but they don't seem to be an active business anymore if they even still have a business with saltwater animals.
ive talked to the guy there before and he will catch u whatever u want for that price... pretty good guy but he might take a while to get back to you cause as he put it "ill get the exact size and species you ask for just give me enough time". he does some crazy pakaging though cause he charges like 50 bucks to overnight from florida to sc

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