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Odd Question...

Aug 9, 2006
I'm not trying to be funny or anything but do you guys eat fried calamari? I always eat it because my family is Greek, but today at dinner I almost felt quilty eating octopus. Im almost scared that my yiayai will fry up my dwarf octo LOL.
i've never had it but i would'nt be against trying it...its just like eating cows...some people keep them as pets and some people eat them (some do both...)
Calamari is Squid and Pulpo is Octopus in spanish...the two are always mixed up and mistaken.

Sepia is Cuttlefish and are often eaten in those Goya cans like Octopus.
I think much of Greek cuisine does incorporate octopus (and often called 'calamari'). And I have definitely seen what is billed as 'squid' turn out to be octopus once it arrives on the plate - not everyone realizes that giving an accurate name is important, since some people will happily eat one but not the other.

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