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Suckers cleaning question


Jan 22, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

New here. My name is Pik.
First, sorry for my English, I'm from Bangkok, Thailand. So, please read it with your mind.

The question is: my Octopus peel her suckers many times a day. Is this normal behavior? (I also attached the short video while she cleaning her suckers to this post)

Below are the water parameters info:
No2 = <0.3
No3 = 25
Ammonia = <0.5
pH = 8.1-8.4

Salinity = 30 PPT
Water temp.= 26C

My DT is about 50 gallons (36" x 18" x18") and change 10% of water every week.

I know it's not quite good water quality but I think she's fine because she eat a lot of live mysis shrimps (5-8 shrimps/each time) everytime I feed her and always come out from her pvc pipe (now she live in the clear glass bottle and never go back to her pvc pipe again. Lol), walking around the tank (usually with normal color, not the dark red) when she see me.

Thanks in advance for your answers.



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Sucker shed is normal but once all suckers have new skin there should be a period of time for no shedding.

As you mentioned, your Ammonia and No2 need to be reduced to 0. Hopefully, the bacteria in your live rock will mature and start eliminating both soon. Until then, water changes are the only option to keep them minimized. She/he does appear healthy and the ammonia and nitrite should not cause extra sucker shed. You might also try bringing the temperature down slightly to about 24C and raising your salinity to 35ppt. Make any adjustments SLOWLY
Thank you so much for your advice. My tank is just almost 3 months old. Hopefully ammonia and No2 will reduce to 0 soon.

My octopus is from Gulf of Thailand. I think she is the Octopus Aegina as I searching around the internet. Refer to the link below, this species live in coastal water. So, it's around 26-28C here.

Octopus aegina

However, is it better for her anyway if I bring the temperature down to 24c?

Sorry for many questions. Thank you so much for your time

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