Nov 20, 2002
This past week, Octos figured in no less than three different ANIMAL PLANET shows:

On "The Jeff Corwin Experience", Corwin visited a large aquarium in Alaska and tangled (affectionately) with a curious GPO which seemed determined to crawl out of its tank and give Jeff a hug.

On "Ultimate Animals", host Steve Leonard donned a wetsuit to dive into the freezing waters off Vancouver Island, Canada. He soon encountered a friendly GPO who -- in typical GPO fashion -- frisked him thoroughly before swimming serenely away.

Finally, on "The Planet's Funniest Animals" -- just as I was wondering why no cephs ever appeared in any of this show's whimsical video clips -- stand-up studio announcer Matt Gallant pretended to struggle with a closed jar, finally "admitting" that he would need the help of an animal. Sure enough, the show then seguéd into a close-up video of an Octo successfully opening a jar.... which elicited appreciative applause from the audience. (Afterwards, the show shifted back to the studio where Matt delivered the punchline, "Well, I loosened it up for him".) One of the nicest things about this last video is that at one point, the camera focused on one of the Octo's eyes, showing its intense expression as if to tell the viewer, "Yes, folks, there really is a light in this attic!"

Chalk up eight tentacles and a bucket of Alaskan king crab meat for the ANIMAL PLANET staff!

The Tanster

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