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Octopusses ill health?? please help


Pygmy Octopus
Sep 5, 2007
Hi there joined this forum not too long ago and have just added him to the list and updated his specs into the journal..
I have had him 4 2 weeks now and all has been fine..until today that is..
I have noticed him out of his den all day and most of last night which is unusual for his recent behaviour..He is just hanging out on a rock with all his legs just dangling down and does not seem to have too much control over them..i reached in and touched him and held his leg and it did not even seem to phase him as if he had no feeling at all from say about half way down his tenticles..tis is extremely out of charachter and i hope there is nothing to worry about but being new to this i do not no what signs to look out for with ill health..Hope someone here can shed some light..i have been informed that he looks old for his species and may not have a long lifespan from now anyways..thanx in advance for any assistance..here is his thread link for reference..
New pix of new addition..Mark..
It sounds like this octopus is a male and is behaving much like most senescent males. So it would appear to be the end of its life cycle.

It is interesting that this specimen appears to have both legs and tentacles, not merely the normal 8 arms. :biggrin2:

Hmmm thanx for the reply and info...sorta:cry::cry:
I was a bit worried when i was told yesterday he was mature but didnt expect this sooo soon..:frown:
It does really look like his "limbs" :wink: are dying off and im positive they have no feeling in the lower parts..and are kinda loosin colour too...
a sad day indeed..cant half help but feel somehow it was my fault..hopefully i can go thru the process of getting another 1 as i have thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 weeks :goodbye: :cry::cry::cry:
This is very common and unless you did actually do something to the tank, it is just nature taking its course.

Many times the older animals that are shipped are much more sensitive to stress during shipping. This additional stress may sometimes speed up the senescent process and the animal may progress through this very quickly.

So it goes...

RIP Mark the octopus..
He died last night at 4.30am after his few days of ill health(?) / old age..
was a great 2 weeks we shared together..:goodbye::goodbye: :angel::angel::angel::sad::sad::sad:

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