octopuses deserve respect!!!!!!!!!


Dec 22, 2002
Hi everyone!!! Just wanted to know if I was the only one, extremley upset with this weeks episode of amazing race where they had to eat live octopuses!!!!! :shock: They were chopping up the little guys as they were trying to escape AWFUL, so so distrubed by this!!!! I had to switch it off, I was so upset. Now they would never do this to a cat or dog so why is it different with an octpus??? Do they not deserve the same respect????????
Ug, thankfully I missed that, sounds pretty awful.

That said, I don't consider myself an "octopus activist" or anything, I just think they're very interesting creatures. But yeah, cutting them up alive and eating them alive seems to not treat them with the... well, yeah, respect, that they probably deserve as an intelligent beast.

i agree!!

I consider myself as a animal activist, and this sort of treatment is just terrible. Its the same as when they throw them onto the ice in hockey!! What a waste of a beautiful life! So unfair, that some people don't respect the other creatures that share this planet with us.
eaten alive?

Awww......so sad. I would be just as disturbed if i had seen that. They would probably be arrested if they had chopped up dogs or cats while they still lived, just to put it into a different perspective.

A friend of mine heard how much I love octopuses and felt compelled to tell me of his mother's octopus, cooked in it's own ink. Ugh!

It unfortunately boils down to the fact that everyone loves the cute and fuzzy mammals and can't stand to see them suffer. But what they label to be strange and alien creatures are assumed to be without intelligence or feeling. More should be said to people to this effect. I hung out for a long time in an aquarium next to the giant pacific octopus (so great to watch!) and was amazed by how little the rest of the visitors knew about them.
Oh my how did your friends octopus cook in his tank?? so sad! :cry:
I completly agree with what you said, where do humans get off determining what creatures are "important" and which ones aren't. If you get arrested for treating cats and dogs like that, then the same should apply for all creatures, really!!?? What is the difference. :x
and who made up the rules????
That episode has just aired here in NZ (I only saw the shorts......it was enough!) Not sure if they'd get away with that behaviour here, at least not now!

At the lab/aquarium where I work we've just spent months sorting out animal ethics approval, you know.... what do we keep, how do we keep them, what do we do with them and what sort of medical provisions have we made for them etc etc etc. Anyhow it's all tied in with animal legislation and as of last year any cephalopod is now defined under the terms of the animals protection act to be an "animal"!!!!! They are specifically mentioned. Not sure what they were before last year! An animal-like rock maybe, or a figment of a deranged imagination :bugout: whatever! at least they are protected now!

actually someone else mentioned the chopping of live octos in another thread, as has the cooking in ink.... both arent my cup of tea but im sure the people must have their reasons.... as for the detroit hockey games, the octo is in a fish market anyway (probably dead, since live octos might not be too cooperative when it comes to throwing) so i dont think it makes a difference whether it ends up in my belly or on the ice...(if it were me itd be eaten since im not a big fan of throwing $ away)
(probably dead, since live octos might not be too cooperative when it comes to throwing) so i dont think it makes a difference whether it ends up in my belly or on the ice...(if it were me itd be eaten since im not a big fan of throwing $ away)

Perhaps it does'nt matter much to the Octi (I'm sure you're right & it's dead, having had to wrestle a relunctant large octi bank into it's tank :smile: ) but I think chucking any sort of animal (dead or alive) anywhere, sets up the mental atitude that it's OK to treat animals in such a fashion and for some types it's not to big a step up to mistreating live animals. That's my :grad: for today!!

I also heard of this segment. I'm glad I didn't see it. Knowing how inteligent these animals are, it makes me sick to think of them being chopped up alive. Hope these creatures become protected here, like Jean was talking about.

Though ( and luckily) I didn't watch the show, the thought or a moving tentacle with blue bood or ink isn't my cup of tea.

There's obviously discrimination here, just because of tales of Giant octo's ( most or if not all of which are not true )killing people etc... they are called monsters. Big cats too kill a few people yearly but cats are not hated or eaten alive as people keep them and understand and appreciate them

Same goes for octi's if you know more about them you wouldn't want to kill them.
i was recently at an animal sanctuary open day... they look after all sorts of animals that are hurt and orphaned... the girl who was taking us round at that point was explaining all this while she was swatting flies and killing them absent mindedly........

Where do you draw the line?
Maybe I am, however having no line to draw is easier to remember then to try and define one. If you live by those rules within reason, (meaning not trying to step on any bugs while you walk down the street might be a bit much!! :P ) but at least not going out of your way to disrespect. Every single creature plays an important role in our environment no matter how small it may seem and therefore in my books deserves respect.

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