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[Featured]: Octopuses and lobsters have feelings – include them in sentience bill, urge MPs

As long as the animals are treated humanely that is what is important. If they are farmed, treat them well and kill humanely. If animals need to be operated on, give them an anesthetic.

For instance, I seen part of a video were Gordon Ramsay was dealing with live octopus and he bit wear the brain was. .
Yes, that is the perfect way of saying that!💕

and eeeeewww why did he do that? 🤮

I’ve only had squid maybe 3 times in my life. Not much of a fan of seafood although I grew up in southern Louisiana 😂
Yes. I accept that both groups feel pain. I think the relevant question is how to dispatch the animals with a minimum of suffering. It’s the same for all of the higher animals we eat.
And let us not forget that octopus chew up crabs with abandon.
Sharks and other predators gobble up octopus with no concern for their pain receptors.