octopus vulgaris


Jan 19, 2004

here's a pic of the O. vulgaris I cared for in Aquatopia (a belgian public aquarium). don't have my own octo yet, but this one made me fall in love with octo's.

I named him Flubber, but he doesn't seem to come when I call his name
LOL ok, i just asked if you had any pics of him at your introduction! :biggrin2:

try whistling :jester:
thx for the replies. although I don't think whistling will help either :lol:

I knew these guys were smart, but man, their strength surprised me.

He lives in a cylindrical tank (sorry, don't have pics of the tank) which is about 2m (about 7 ft) high. windows are cleaned with a sponge on a telescopic stick. but flubber has to be distracted with food or another toy, or he'll just grab the stick and try to pull it out of your hands.

first time you experience this, he succeeds at this too!!! second time you're more cautious, trust me. :wink:
when last I looked, he was :biggrin2:

Remember, I cared for this guy at a public aquarium, when I left, someone else took my place.

this is why I constantly talk about him in the past.

I go by there every now and then to see how things are going.
Apparently he's entered puberty or something. he wrecks everything that is put in for enrichment. plastic pipes, jars with food,...

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