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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

I was just reading about Pudge having liked to watch The Simpson and Lil Pumpkin liking The Rugrats.

Earlier I read a report from someone whose octo liked to watch cartoons. I was thinking this would be a good 2004 TONMO.com joint project for all octo owners.

Could you all keep notes about your octos TV watching habits? If it's not near a TV, maybe you could bring in a portable and do a bit of experimenting. What do they like to watch? How do they watch (plastered on the glass, sitting on the bottom?) How long do they watch? Do they not like programs other than cartoon? YOu could try video tapes too. Maybe Finding Nemo would be scarey :smile:

Would you be willing to participate? I can't yet, because I'm octo-less for the present, but will be getting another a little later.

Would be interesting to see if they prefer one type of animation to another, like The Simpson over South Park. I'll try it, first I'll have to set up a new tank in my basement and another octo. :smile:

My octo will arive next week, and after it has acclimated to it's new enviroment I will be happy to participate, as long it he/she is. 8)

My tank faces a tv on one side, and at 51" it will be able to see a lot. Will keep posted! However, my gut tells me that it will love sports, as that is what is on 95% of the time. :smile:

Guess its time for some vareity anyways.

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