Octopus toothbrush holder

Bless him look :shock: Sir :oshea: is here, good on ya mate :welcome: aboard the most eagerly awaited post in the history of my Tonmo history ! hope it's worth it ! :roflmao:

#1. The Octo toothbrush holder !! you will all notice no doubt, being well up on octo anatomy that he only has 4 arms, a semi-ceph or quatropus no less.
Quatropus comes from a time long since past when days were much much shorter & only 4 arms were deemed necessary by mother nature to catch enough fodder to sustain a ceph. Phil from Fossils & History, my mentor & palaeo-ceph pedagogue will back me up on the academic stuff :grad:

#2. The Octo toothbrush holder ensemble, I've included these guys so you can all appreciate the marine flavour of our bathroom decor. Had to leave out the fish I'm afraid which came with the crab & lobster as he made the shot too "busy" :roll: Also out of shot is the dolphin shower curtain, the dolphin/starfish tiling, the ocean scene toilet seat & the set of whistling dolphins who play tunes as they bob about in the bath. Don't anybody ever say I'm not committed ! :goofysca:

#3. Brandon, nearly forgot the octopus towel rail/hangery thing

Right you lot, go show the real life reconstruction in wool a bit more interest & I'll promise not to hold this whole site hostage again :biggrin2:
Thanks for listening :notworth:

p.s. Mr :oshea: sir, I was going to attach an MP3 of me playing Old Durham Town on the whistling dolphins but there's limescale in the green one which b*ggers it right up, sorry :frown:
greg, here are a few :biggrin2:
must be a fun bath !
as long as all the whistling dolphins are accounted for :shock:
spartacus, your octopus toothbrush holder has exceeded my wildest expectations. And then, the towel holder...!!! I can now commence with my vacation in total satisfaction! :mrgreen:

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!!

The girls are cool, too. I pasted :twisted:'s purty face all over them -- vastly improving the scene -- but I'm not allowed to post stuff like that anymore so you'll have to use your imaginations or make your own modifications.

:cheers: I knew Tony wouldn't let me down, good on ya Tone :biggrin2:
Tacky coprolite everywhere, I can't afford arty farty bronzes like young Kat so have to settle for shop soiled, second hand, chinese stuff.

I bet the octopus felt a right prat modelling for that

I pasted :twisted: 's purty face all over them
Um... I've a soft spot for Floella Benjamin, thanks for the tip ! & I assume the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are sponsored by a local cheesemonger ?
Wow, Spartacus - I didn't check in yesterday and look at what I missed! I love the octopus' smile on the toothbrush holder.
Also, your daughters are very pretty...you must be very proud. :heee: Hee hee, just kidding.

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