Octopus Theme for XP


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
I have not downloaded this myself, but there is a free downloadable octopus theme (for XP, I think) available here:

EDIT: Link deleted by tonmo, apparently this is doing unwanted things to people's computers.

Looks very colourful! And here is a downloadable startup screen featuring a painting of Architeuthis:

EDIT: tonmo deleted this one too :smile:

If anyone is wondering, I'm just pointing these out and can make no guarantees that they will work.
I can't open the link. I went in to check out the screen savers/wallpaper and had something pop up on my desktop, even without downloading anything. I did a search on explorer for Hotbar and two files came up which I deleted. Hope I deleted the right thing :shock: !!
Apologies to have caused you all problems with those links. Maybe I should have tried them first before I posted them. Then again, reading your messages I'm quite glad I didn't!

Anyway, BOE's hermit crab photos make much better wallpaper anyway.

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