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Octopus micropyrus


Haliphron Atlanticus
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Mar 17, 2003
One of my goals for the past couple of years has been to get one or more species of pygmy octopus into culture. That almost certainly means a large-egged species. So far, we have only had success rearing O. mercatoris. After a lot of searching, I finally got my first O. micropyrus - a small female. I don't know what the chances are that she will be carrying sperm, so if anyone comes up with a male, I would be interested in mating them and splitting the offspring.

Some of our members like to look in tidepools and along the shore in along the southern California coast, so its possible they might find one. Also, various unidentified dwarfs have been showing up at LFSs.

Could you post a photo? I was looking at the description in Cephalopods:A World Guide. It mentions a "dark red-brown color,white false eyespots and fingers of skin it can raise over its body". For those looking, it can be found within the base of kelp, in gastropod shells and also in crevices on rocky reefs.

It's quite small, body only 3 cm long (a little over an inch).

Also, have a look at the Octo ID forum - we have some still yet unidentified octopuses there. One might turn up there.


Mine looks like the photo in Norman's book - no red or white. It is so secretive that the only way to get a look at it is to stress it. So far, it doesn't even show itself at night. This may not be a good candidate for culture, but if a male shows up it may be worth a try.


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