octopus lovin artist from California


Jul 19, 2004
Hey everyone

My name is Mike and I dig Octopuses in general with a capital D. I'm an animator that if given the chance would veg in from of the discovery channel 6 days out of the week. Octopuses are one of the most fun animals to draw so when I saw "the octopus show" On "Nature" tonight I had to visit the PBS site which had a link here so here I am. This site rocks and I can't wait to explore every nook and cranny.

So Hi!

See what I do on my on-line portfolio


Thanks for having me
to anyone that hasnt done so yet.... have a look at Mike's site and the 24hr comic... seriously funny!

Cheers Mike and welcome to TONMO :)
Brilliant work Mike!

Apologies for the tardy welcome; I must have missed your post before.

Hope you enjoy TONMO and if, as Kat suggests, you ever wish to paint a cosmic Opabinia taking over the world, I'll be the first to hang it on my wall.


of course, if a 'river horse' were to meet a ceph in your creations, good fortune would surely follow you to the end of your days.....

:D :D :D

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