Octopus lover/artist and scuba diver saying hi!


Feb 18, 2004
Hi! Been diving in L.A. area since '96.
My favorite creature on earth: ...Octopus. (surprise)
Have had numerous personal encounters with them in the wild. Most recent: Last summer on night dive at about 65 ft down off of Catalina Island.
I paint them...I draw them... but unfortunately, not much of an audience exists for this most misinterpreted, noble creature. But if they don't like them...except as sushi...that is their sad loss.
Attached is one of my goofiest ever illustrations of an oc, selling ink!

Best regards to all!
Welcome to Tonmo! Great illustration!!! look forward to seeing more...you have an appreciative audience here!
Thats great

That is really nice-was it done on the computer (Illustrator 10)?
Yes, a really select audience appreciates a good octopus painting, huh?

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