Octopus literary fragments


May 20, 2006
I am looking for literary book fragments or poems where an octopus had appeared. ¿Can you say me something about it? Thanks for everything. This forum enchants to me.

PD.My english is not very good, but you can understand what I tried to say in my blog about octopi in mondopulpo
I think there is a reference to one in the story "Odysseus". Depending on which version you read, an octopus grabs a wise man who warns the Trojans not to let the wooden horse in the city. Right before he can say it though, Poseidon commands the octopus (in another version, it's a sea serpent) to eat the wise-man. The horse is, of course, filled with Greeks who attack the city from within when everyone gets drunk, and the city is sleeping. They win the Trojan War.
I have been looking superficially the Odyssey but I don’t find the scene that your explain. The only thing that I have found about sea monsters is about Scylla and Charybdis. But thank you very much for your answer.
I will read the Odyssey.
Hmm...well maybe it's not included in the actual Odyssey, but it was in the one in our English textbooks. Also, in the Harry Potter books, there is a giant squid that lives in the lake on the school grounds. The students feed it occasionally.
Loved your blog!!!!.. big shame my spanish is too basic to read the articles.The images are great. particularly love the jeremy forson illustration. I became cephlopod inspired by first seeing a Hokusai wood block print - sparking of a big interest in the octopus in art and popular culture.
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