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octopus filosus


Jan 8, 2005
hey guys, what do u think would be a better beginner species. o. filosus or the bimaculodes (spell check :biggrin2: :biggrin2:) also how big do the filosus grow and whats their min tank size? thanks
i found for filosus: body to 7cm, arms to 30cm....compared to 12 and 35 for bimacloides, id say (but not know for sure) bimac guidelines would be enough for filosus.... however im dont know how easy filosus is to get or how well it ships.....
WK filosus isnt seen that often in the hobby, but i still think that is what carol has and seemed to ship okay... prolly is a candidate for future captive breeding

Sharp Occie - go for a bimaculoides, they are captive bred and easy to care for if you pay attention to their environment, read some back posts for details :smile:

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