Octopus cooking show!!! (hosted by an octopus!)


May 5, 2003
OK, I know you guys are gonna love this. Some of you may have already heard of it. There is an octopus cooking show online hosted my a cartoon octopus!! Its sooo darn cute and funny. The link is www.8legged.com. The little guys name is Tako the Octopus. (Tako means octopus in Japanese) They come out with a new episode every few weeks or so, but you can view all the previous ones. Go check it out!
Hi Octorific, welcome to TONMO.com!

Indeed we do love Deep Fried, Live! here on TONMO.com... In fact, we host their series right here on this site, in the Ceph Multimedia section.

Deep Fried, Live! on TONMO.com

Likewise, the good folks at 8legged.com include links to TONMO.com from some of the episodes... 8) I hope they release another new episode soon, I'm getting withdrawls...

Glad you're here! :)
yeah theres supposed to be one coming out in may, but good luck on that....however they did put up 3 new columns...between the columns and comics, they can almost hold you over.... unfortunately the comics and columns had dried up for a while, they had been going every week.... and if you watch episode 3 or 4, you'll see a plug for tonmo :D
this confounded thing really doesnt want me to post.....

anyway...its episode 5 that has the plug....

Steve, you wouldnt have been the "expert" that wanted a recipe for chocolate chip pancakes, would you?

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
figure out what he likes to eat...maybe we can get the guys to do a show on whatever foodstuff that may be..... a lot of the recipes can be a tad pretentious (a surefire nono at Chez Kiboko) but occasionally, gems do slip through....maybe if you leave a trail of squid and/or sheep leading to a computer with dfl pulled up, we can trick him into checking it out.... :)

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
i hadn't been over to 8legged in a little while, but found they have an interesting new section... i think they called it the archive... shows the origins of tako, some early and/or unused characters, etc... well at least i found it entertaining....

i'd say to look for a new DFL! around the time of this Halloween, much like the like simpsons.....

also like the simpsons, out of love and anticipation , i'll give them a -/++ 15 day window....

I wouldn't poke fun if i didnt care.... :grin:

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