Octopus Boards


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
Starting a new line of longboards, with maximum stressed curves, and figured, hey, how about do some with octopus?

Here is one about half way :

Well, yes and no...this is a skateboard made for cruising. One kick moves you about 60 feet. Very, very fast..of course, due to my engineering genius with the amount of curve to the board.
Finally got everything finished off, here is a view of the underside with the nice big gullwings:

Awesome, i have never longboarded, but would love to do it. Im a big fan of skateboarding and i practice for about 2 hours almost daily, so im sure i would love longboarding. If a skateboard deck with an octopus on it was ever made i would buy it in an instant.

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