Octopi, Octopuses, or Octopodes


Oct 11, 2007
No matter how you say it, it all means the same thing. But, just because I think this is a rather interesting subject I think I will try to give my (mostly borrowed opinion). This subject came up about a year ago when I got into an argument with a biology teacher about the word Octopuses being incorrect. The seemingly most popular form of Octopi is actually they most Incorrect way to say it. The word Octopi would assume that the word octopus is derived from a Latin noun, which is incorrect the word is actually Latinized Greek from oktopous making the correct plural Octopodes?? Hmmm... I have seen alot of discussion on this and most end up saying that either Octipi or Octipuses or even both are correct. But thats just not true. I will have to admit I was wrong, even though Octopuses is still commonely considered "more" correct than Octipi it is still incorrect. So for all you saying Octipi OR Octopuses stop, your wrong, haha. That said, let the criticism's fly.

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