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Sep 30, 2005
I just received a new octo from Octopets yesterday. Does anyone happen to know at what age these little guys are sent out? It says 8-10 weeks old. I keep reading how everyone receives their new octo and it's as small as a quarter. When I received mine yesterday (thinking it was going to be really small) I received one with a mantle around an inch long. Is this correct? How old does that make it? I've called Octopets twice, but know one will return my call. ????

Hoping I didn't get one a lot older than expected.

A one inch octo is not very old - personally, I'd prefer one that size than a smaller one. Octopuses grow very quickly and at the same age, some are larger and some are smaller. So don't worry, just enjoy your new bimac!

Thanks! His or her name is Saylor. How do you actually tell if it's a male or female? I was told how, however before speaking out loud and making myself a fool, I would rather someone who actually knows (preferably from this site) tell me.

Thanks again,
With bimacs it's almost impossible to tell whether you have a male or female. So just make an assumption!

Welcome to Saylor! I'm adding him/her :smile: to the List of Our Octos at the top of Journals and Photos.

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