Aug 9, 2004
I just got back from octopets located in Carlsbad, CA.

Since I live less then 15 minutes away I choose to go there and save my new guy a lot of stress, OMG was that place so cool, its located on a ocean lagoon that I have been surfing by for all my life and never even knew about what was done there, there main cash crop is clams and mussels for resturants. Jim showed me all around there facility, thast place was so intresting and jim was so nice, answered every lil question my girlfriend and myself asked. He showed us all the hundreds of little cuttlefish they now stock, all the octopus, from a few different batches, the mothers that where tending there eggs, the seahorses the grow and the abalone, along with all the food things the raise. Then Jim thought of a cool little thing, so we went down and caught some wild crabs for my octopus and 1 for a little show, he put the crab in the cuttlefish tank and about 15 cuttles went in for the kill, was 1 of the coolest things i have ever seen.

Plus we got a awsome local deal, way below online cost. Along with getting to hand pic our guy.

-Travis :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:
Yes, it's really nice to hand pick your little octopus!

Hope to visit Octopets someday, too. Everyone who's gone there has been very impressed. Jim says that there are bimacs in the lagoon and out there in the water, so it's a perfect place for an octo facility.

So be sure to put your little guy on the Octo Database (see above) and we wecome photos and reports under Journals and Photos!

How old is your little bimac?

Nancy, I'll get photos ASAP, he pretty shy at the moment, I am not sure what day he hatched, but I do know that group just younger then him, hatched on 06/13/04 so I'm guessing just over 8 weeks maybe. He's still small mantle right around 1 in. He was the largest in his range, out of about 10 we looked at. As for a name, we are accepting ideas, I am ultimately leaving it up to my girlfriend, but she really likes Ollie's name. But I don’t want to bite, so we need something else.

It was so cute to see the little octos that where less then 1in. total including their lil legs.
Hmm I am guessing there will never be an Octopets in a landlocked area such as Texas right? ( I doubt a retailer such as petsmart is ever going to be able get there hands on wild Sepia bandensis eggs.)
Octopets relied on being along the California coast in an area where bimacs are found. But the NRCC, which apparently closed down recently, bred bimacs along the Texas Gulf Coast, in Galveston. So it's possible to raise bimacs in Texas, though maybe not likely right now. (The bimacs raised by the NRCC were limited to scientists and educators.)

It's also possible to order octopuses and cuttlefish eggs sold in other areas of the country and have them shipped to you. Petsmart probably will never have what you're looking for, but keep an eye on the Octopus Availablity forum and also watch for cuttlefish availability. Our members will report when a particular fish store has ceph in stock.


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