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Octopets update?


Feb 17, 2005
Does anyone know what the current status is at octopets? or how long the wait is? I ordered some baby clams from them, and now I just need something to eat 'em.

My LFS owner can get me one this week for $295 but it being my first I'm not going to spend that much money, and his supplier said it will be 6 months before the price drops.
When I reported on Octopets on May 10, the news was that it would be 6 or 8 weeks before any bimacs were available. Jim has been shipping older bimacs to some people who've been on the waiting list a long time.

$295 for octopus? What species is it?

thats insane
like reallllyyy insane
dont spend that much money on an ocotpus that you wont even know how old it is
that nuts
just because its exotic does not mean you should gouge the customer like that wow
/rant off
I've had the pleasure dealing with Jim at octopets. I've been waiting for a baby octo for months. I thought I'd give octo-eggs a try. Shortly after talking with Jim a few times over the phone we thought we would try getting them across the border as I live in BC Canada. Unfortunately they were held up in customs. A week later after their original shipping day they arrived at my front door. The clams and pods did not survive and most of the festoon grew a fungus on them. I was able to salvage one egg which hatched on Saturday night and there is one more that may still be developing. I go to the beach every other day to catch small pods and tiny sand crabs to feed the little guy. I hope the other egg will hatch soon. I would not hesitate to deal with Octopets again now that I know the process at customs and I will be ordering another festoon soon. It's amazing watching them develop and gratifying watching them hatch! I also have an O. vulgaris in one of my other tanks, he's wild caught but now that I've found Octopets I think I'll stick with O. bimaculoides. Just want to send out a thanks to Jim at Octopets and I'll be doing business with them again.
Sneegs, it's amazing that you actually have a hatchling after such a hold up in customs.

You're one of the few we've heard from who's ordered the festoon of eggs. Good luck with the little guy!

And welcome to the site!

well I wonder how long it will be before I hear from them. havent heard a peep yet.

thats kinda strange, i called them about a week ago and left a message and Jim called me back in like an hour. You should try again!
lockburn said:
Congrats on hatching your octopet! Looking forward to updates (and pictures!)
Another egg hatched yesterday, he's a little smaller than the first and is able to squeeze himself through the small slits in the breeding container. I frantically searched for him this morning searched the entire breeding unit, upturned all the PVC piping only to find him sitting on the bottom of the main tank. I thought I would lose him in all the liverock but I calmly scooped him up in my hand. If I didn't know any better it was as if he swam into my hand. I put a fine mesh net around my breeding unit in case he attempts another escape.

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