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Jun 1, 2003
I talked (on the phone) to the people that run this site. They raise captive bred Bimacs, cephs prepared for tank life. They sell many feeder options, another refreshing thought. As a non-octo person, I would like to know the opinions of the folks that know.
Anything that takes the pressure off wild species is a good thing :smile:
Most people on this site (from the US) who have bought octopuses have ordered them from Octopets or Fish Supply, both of which have tank raised bimacs.

I could be wrong but there is a possibility that one is supplying the other??????
....must resist captive bred cuttlefish.....

At least until i think of a good story as to why we need them in the house again LOL
Sigh heavily and stare off into the distance a lot for a while...eventually she will succumb...good luck mate!

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