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Octo Suggestions

Apr 27, 2019
I set up an octo tank and have been cycling with a few damsels (and a puffer I'll sadly have to part with when my octo comes) for 9 months.

My tank is 185 Gallon. About 205 with sump. It's been octo proofed and ready to go.

I've been searching for a vulgaris and have many feelers out via many LFSs and online at a few places in the Caribbean. I don't mind waiting a few months to get a vulgaris but I'm starting to think this may take a considerably longer time than that to source.

If I need to switch sights on another species, what do you suggest for a 185g tank?
O. briareus and O. hummelincki are both good choices. They have slightly shorter lifespans and are somewhat smaller (lighter, briareus is as long or longer arm tip to arm tip but a smaller mantle, hummelincki is smaller but larger than a dwarf and a good option). I do recommend trying to source a local vs imported animal and your method is the best I could recommend. I am not sure why vulgaris is so difficult to source as they are not rare. I suspect there are fewer collector where they are most prolific.
Thank you.

Hummelincki at one point was on my list but I had preferred a large egg species. Maybe I will also be more open for them or Briareus. Seems like they are more easily found.

I have told all my LFS people that I not want an imported octo.

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