octo is eating everything frozen!

Feb 24, 2005
well ive finally gotten kashmir to eat anything from frozen fish to frozen blue crab parts... now just to make the switch to hotdogs and this will be an easier pet to keep than a box turtle!!!(mine ate hotdogs and balogni) anyway was wondering if anyone else that got their octo from octopets around the time i did is having the same great luck of having a food disposal instead of an octo
Is the frozen blue crab uncooked? I was told that all frozen crab was cooked.

Even though you feed your little bimac thawed frozen food, please don't forget to keep giving him some live food, both for enrichment and for the food value. But is is convenient that he accepts frozen food now. Have you tried pieces of fresh scallop? That's not expensive and Kash might like it.

i still feed him live fiddlers and such occasionally and the blue crab is uncooked... i caught them and froze them immediatly... havent tried the scallops yet because i live on the coast of sc so i have an unlimited supply of any kind of invert and fish for him
randall will eat frozen shrimp from time to time. and this guy sold me a sack of those green crabs they use for party boat fishing. i could only find the means to keep about a dozen alive so i froze the rest. randall will chase and then eat them if i drag them around the tank with some fishing line.
Joe, when did you get yours? I got Squishy on August 11th.

So far I've been feeding him live. He's been a little secretive, so I wanted him to come out of his den to chase some food. I've been ordering fiddler's from Paul ( Cannot connect to MySQL server ), and it seems to be a super simple solution. As DHyslop mentioned before (thats where I found out about the fiddlers, thanks Dan!), the cost of the live food is the smallest expense in taking care of an octo when considering the tanks, live rock, sand, salt, filters, lights, etc.

But, I might try offering him frozen again. I assuming he'll gain some mass as the amount of 'meat' in the frozen shrimp I have is greater than that of the fiddlers.

i got him about mid summer so its been like 5 months maybe? but ive just been feeding live fiddlers and anything out of the ocean that i catch and freeze. if yours is still secretive you might want to try feeding him on a regular basis but dont let him go chase the food make him come out and get it from you whether you do it by fingers or feeding stick or bottle without a top on it and try to get it used to you that way thats how i did mine now i cant even walk in the room without it getting mad because im not giving it attention which sucks cause hes in my bedroom so half the time my floor is wet from him squirting water at me, my computer, and tv
Definately I think having him in your bedroom has made him more social, as you see him often. Mine is in a seldomly used room in the house, so he doesn't get used to people being around.

Do you have a lid on top of your tank??

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