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Octo Feeding - Crabs


May 30, 2006
A quick question for you all.

Living in the UK we dont have the luxury of bait shops selling crabs and hermit crabs from almost anywhere are around £5 each.

However, england being quite small by US comparison it is quite easy to get to either the west or east coast with only an hour or so drive.

My plan is this, I would like to collect crabs from the beach to use as a food source, supplemented by frozen food. Firstly, and a heads up from the UK subscribers here, is this legal? Secondly, and if legal, as some UK shores do not have a reputation for being overly clean, would I need to cycle the crabs in a holding tank to remove toxins and if so for how long?

Also and apologies for another long thread, would the other shellfish found at the beach be a viable foodsource, ie cockles, limpets etc.

Thanks in advance!

I'm not from the UK, but my daughtor and I do collect locally and keep a food tank run very minimally on a small bubble filter. Never had a problem with introducing something toxic to the octopus. Not sure on the cockles/limpets, but I know our octopuses liked a certain type of shore snails as well as clams, mussels, and locally caught shrimp.
Some, but as long as I keep them well fed isn't much of a problem. Right now, being I'm octoless, my daughtor just noticed there's one 3" crab left in the feeder tank! I feed not only frozen prawn, but a high quality saltwater fish food. Boy do I miss having and octo!


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