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Octo dropping?

a rabid squid

Oct 6, 2004
last night my octopus fell like 5 feet onto a tile floor.he gave off this white mucusy stuff almost like he got knocked out really bad from the fall. but i put him back in the tank and i fed him just to see if it was ok and he chased down the food and ate. so i guess hes ok. hes been friendlier since the fall... maybe he likes the outside world more.
How big is it?

It should be just fine. Iv seen a documentary were an octo fell from a top level of a boat onto a deck and then back in the sea. Considering that they have no bones, falls shouldn't effect them at all internally...and externally they have a slime coat so any cuts shouldn't take place on a flat surface.
Just keep close eye on him for a bit. While they have no bones and therefore can't break them, they CAN suffer internal organ damage (the most delicate being the digestive gland). Also the skin is delicate and can be easily damaged. How'd he fall? were you shifting him or was he exploring by himself? If shifting it's probably best to hold a bucket at the tank lip and transfer directly to it...........avoiding the nasty drop. If exploring...........you need more duct tape!!

You'll need to keep your on your octo, now that he has gotten out. Whether accidentally or intentionally, he may try to get out again again. You don't want to risk another fall, or an escape where you don't find and rescue him in time. This has sadly happened to some other octo owners.

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