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octo briarius from ebay

Nov 8, 2004
i was the one who got the carribean reef octo from ebay. i have had him for 10 days now and he loves his new home in my 150 gallon. he is usually out for about 11 hours a day
from 12 at night till 11 in the morning so im pretty happy for him being nocturnal. he is a very smart guy and has been eating lots of food. frozen shrimp i give him, hermits in the tank and snails in the tank also. so i think he/she should be happy. the octo loves the 2 moon lightes i have for the tank also i think that helps bring him out. i also need to think of a name for him. his mantle length is about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches and his arms are about 8-9 inches long. how old do you think he is and how much bigger will he it. well let me know what you think everyone.
greg :welcome:
yes i know , i just got my briarus from ebay to

the guy tol dme he was tiny

and hes arms are about 6 inches long

i hopes hes not too big for my 55 but i have a HUGE skimmer on the tank and hes the only thing in there and the parameters have been really really good for 3 months now
KMAN, it will take at least three months to cycle your tank, once you get everything in place and get started. So you are some months away from an octopus.


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