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octo bite


Sep 30, 2003
i was planning on getting a bimac but i baught an octo at an lfs and it turned out to be a briareus, it eats like crazy and is pretty agressive at trying to take the feeder stick away from me, ive been wanting to let it climb on me but im not sure if it will bite me?
does anybody know if this species has a painfull or detromental bite?
currently its about 12" across with its arms spread out
Chances are it will bite.
Its more of an exploration than anything aggresive but it will hurt to an extent.

At best it will feel like a scratch or a nip but at worst a bee sting
that doesnt sound bad, i could handle a bee sting, the only thing that had me concerned is the digestive fluid/venom they inject upon biting, other than an alergic reaction, is this something i should be concerned about?
That's the bee-sting part of getting bitten. Sometimes people feel a little numbness for a few minutes, too.

I have never been bitten, but my husband was bitten twice by an Ollie who was bigger than your briarius. (Twice, because he didn't move his hand after the first bite.) Ollie was just curious,and she never bit either of us again.

Looking back, I think I'd try to make this kind of contact with my octo as early as possible - the smaller, the better!

thats part of the reason i was gonna get a baby bimac, i figured i could get it used to my hand while it was small, then i could handle it as it got bigger, but i saw this octo at a lfs and it looked very cool, i couldnt resist getting it, and im glad i did it is very cool, in a short time i have been able to get it to be pretty active on and off throughout the day, but next time i will definately order a captive bred baby bimac, probably from fishsupply