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Octo and Madusa worm


Jan 27, 2005
Hey I have had my Octo for at least four months I was concidering getting a madusa worm in his 50 gal tank.

I couldnt find and info on this but would a madusa worm be able to go in with the octo. They are sessile and motile invertabrates so I didnt know if they would be OK with Him.

Thanks Josh.
Personally I wouldn't. Medusa worms can be toxic if stressed or if they die. They have a fairly peacable nature but are prone to stress. All the websites etc that sell them recommend them for "experts only" (no idea you may be an expert but just in case....! :wink: )

Octis love to explore and I would hate for yours to stress out a medusa and have them both die!


I'm with Jean on this one... sometimes keeping water quality perfect in a tank is hard enough. its even more difficult when trying to juggle different species in what should be a specimen only tank...

Depending on what species of octopus you have a 50 isnt a huge tank... why not try a adding a brittle star or two if you want more interest?

Medusa worms are best left for species tanks
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