Ocean Odyssey - BBC show!


Sep 26, 2005
Hey all. Couldn't find an existing topic, so here goes:

There was a show on tonight over here called Ocean Oddysea about the journey of a young sperm whale. It continues next week.

Anyhoo, just to say that there was a few very nice sequences revolving around the hunting of an Archie by the whale (it was only CG though...) and the abyssal landscapes are quite spimple breathtakingly recreated; quite a lot more impressive than I ever considered them! Just though I should give everyone a heads up, for those who either missed it or haven't had the chance to see it yet. Couldn't find anything on the site, else I'd post a link. Hoo, well.

Dagnabbit! By Beelzebub's hoary backside!

I utterly forgot to set the video! I went to work with this vague feeling that I should have set the video for something, but, having just got home, utterly forgot this was on. I am utterly disgusted with myself about this, even more than normal! I do hope TONMO member Nik of Impossible Productions will contribute some feedback as he was involved in the programme, and this very website was used as a resource in the research to the production.

Pardon a swear word but....bollocks! ... I hope this is repeated.
... you'll have missed us then; we've a wee cameo in there. That'll learn you Phil!

It's a 2-parter isn't it?
Arrrgh! Gutted and hung up to smoke!

The second part is next Wednesday (31st).

I can't believe I forgot about this! There are no repeats scheduled yet, but keep an eye on BBC Four UK Cephfans it's bound to be repeated.
Here's a wee blurb about the show. I'm interested to hear from anyone who saw it.

Don't miss the next show next week (part 2)!
..... did anyone in the UK watch this? I've a copy en route. Surely someone saw it!
bobwonderbuns said:
will it be shown in the U.S?

I looked for it on the bbcamerica web site a few days ago, but couldn't find it... I hope it shows up somewhere, though... PBS?
Here are some pics of the day we were involved with this:


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Ta Matt; I've an entire disc with all of my pics on it, but I can't remember where I put it (and as I never downloaded them I've not seen them myself). I'll have a small screening here next week, assuming the copies arrive by then.

Nik seems to have gone rather quiet ... you still with us Nik?
I spotted Uncle Steve on part one but then went & missed part two ! So same comment as Phil. Good prog. plenty of squid action & the whales weren't given names like "Spotty" or "Notch in fin from Orca punch-up" which is SO duff.

I missed the second part!!:cry: :cry: :cry:

OK... I was watching Springwatch alright!? Why on Earth would hte BBC put 2 nature shows on at the same time!? Stupid! If only I had videos I can use just now. >sigh< Here's hoping it comes out on DVD or video then.


The DVD is out in the UK on the 7th August with a 'Making Of' programme. Hopefully Steve and Matt will appear in the bonus feature.

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