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O. mercatoris babies!

You missed it. I vacationed in Cayo Coco, Cuba.

I would like to update you on the baby octopus, but I haven't seen them! I'm not worried though, for they are great hiders and their living quarters are now quite large. As soon as I spot one I will inform you of its status.
Cuba will be our immediate first choice for vacation once Fidel has, um, passed on. My dad was stationed there during WWII and tried to take my mother after his Navy tour. Unfortunately, a friend still stationed there warned them that it was no longer a safe place to travel and they never made the trip. During my lifetime, it has never been legally accessable to a US citizen :sad:

I still have babies but I am not sure how many. I have only found one dead but I occassionally find one on the main tank glass. I think the ones I find are escapees because all I do see (sometimes 2, sometimes 3, occassionally 4) are the same size. I always put them back in the net and the count does not grow :biggrin2: I will probably have to separate them soon but after 2 weeks they are still in one net with shells and plants.

Trap is still eating but now finds dead shore shrimp a better meal than the crabs. I am spiking them with a small amount of Tetracycline (sp) just to see if it helps extend her life any. I don't really expect it to but I felt it was worth trying and should not harm her.
I had a power outage yesterday, and all of the house was devoid of food. Somewhere around noon I felt I couldn't take it any more, until I noticed the A large baby octopus sitting on the glass. I grabbed the net and caught him in a container.

Then I fired up the BBQ and threw the octopus on. I dug around and found 3 more, and did the same thing. They tasted great.

I don't have any cephs anymore, but the taste of those occis made it worth the 3 months It took to raise them. They sure tasted nice.

In fact, I don't have any marine fish any more. I found Nemo, to be very tasty with some BBQ sauce.

I guess I'm quitting the hobby. But hey, at least I'm not quitting with an empty stomach.

April fools!
I just found all these great pics I missed and was reading and enjoying and gullible that I am......forgot it was Aprils fools today.......:rolleyes: Ya got me.........
I also forgot it was April fools but I knew darn well it was a tall tale since you forgot to mention the raw oysters :wink: .

Have you seen any of them at night yet? Every couple of nights I find an escapee on the main aquarium glass but I am starting not to see them at their normal feeding time. I THINK they have taken to the shells in the net now but between the grass and shells, I can't get a clear count.

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