NOVA special on PBS on 4/3


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Mar 8, 2004
Someone posted on the yahoo ceph list that there's a PBS special on cuttles, particularly camouflage, on April 3 2007:

NOVA | Kings of Camouflage | PBS

Is NOVA shown internationally?

Anyway, looks like a good show...
Hooray! I'm glad my Yahoo! post helped get the word out about the NOVA cuttlefish program! (You can usually order the DVD program for $20 (USD) after the program's first airing.)

Cheers, Amanda
:welcome: to TONMO, and thanks again for posting that to the yahoo ceph list!

BTW, I noticed that it's on the HD PBS channel as well, at least in Los Angeles!
I really enjoyed the special

Thanks for posting! In addition to other things, I did not know that there was a poisonous squid or that the Flamboyant (sp) also has a toxin. I wish it would have been longer though.

I was also glad that they emphasized the short life span but it was still kind of hard to look at the female after it went to the lab :cry:

Neal was also suitably impressed and I expect him to start looking for eggs to try again :wink2: .
Yup, I'm one of several new members pressed on by that show. I've been a long-time fan of Ceph's, but only recently found this site.

I had no idea the striped-pajama squid was toxic, and it's good they tested the flamboyant, with that species being unfortunately collected.

I ordered my copy, and I wish I could replace my VHS "Incredible Suckers" with DVD as well, but I guess I'll have to convert it myself at home.

I'll have to check out that list posted above; I'm sure I've missed other good programs!
It said at the end of it that you could order the DVD online for $20, I think. I don't remember if it was wgbh boston's web site or PBS...

Looks like there's a "buy the video/dvd" link here: NOVA | Kings of Camouflage | PBS

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