Introducing Myself: Future Marine Biologist


Dec 25, 2017
Hello! My name is Willa, and this fall I'm going to be attending my freshman year of college on the Atlantic coast to major in marine biology. I've loved the ocean for my entire life, and an experience with an octopus when I was around nine piqued my interest in cephalopods. My hope is that I will be able to complete undergraduate research working with invertebrates before going on to specialize in cephs; eventually, I'd like to either become an aquarist or a professor. I'm particularly interested in behavior and personality. This summer, one of my goals is to acquaint myself with as much information about these amazing creatures as I can (I have a bunch of books and research papers on my reading list). Although I've been a TONMO member for a while, I haven't had time to use the site until now. If you're a member of the OctoNation Facebook group, I've posted a few times over there, though :smile:

If anybody would be willing to share their favorite forum / some cool places on TONMO, I'd be really grateful!
Welcome! Hmm, favorite forum ... :biggrin2: Much like an octopus, this community has shape-shifted quite a bit over the 19 years we've been around... Some years certain forums were more active and dynamic than others. With that said, they really are all great forums. If I felt I could add value by removing or archiving one of them, I would! Not all are winners (like Marketplace :rolleyes:), but all have either been great in the past, or they represent potential for future value, so long as we get engagement from the community.

Physiology & Biology has some great discussions, as does Fossils. All of our Ceph Care forums are great.

Oh boy, I could go on... the first forum ever was The Octopus' Den...

Aside from forums, our Articles and Photos/Videos gallery are deep and broad... lots to cover.

Feel free to bop around, and reply to any thread that interests you, and/or doesn't have closure -- we'll appreciate your comradery!

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