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May 30, 2000
Here's how user permissions work on this board:

People who visit the board but are not logged in (a.k.a., "guests") can read all posts on this public message board.

If you want to post a new note, or reply to an existing one, you'll need to login. If you're not a member, you'll need to register (see link in upper right corner). Also, only registered members can participate in polls and private messaging. Further, only registered members can view other members' profiles or view the member list.

Note that sometimes, the administrator or moderators may "lock" a conversation, which means that no further replies are allowed in that topic thread. The admin and moderators can also make a topic "sticky", which makes it always stay at the top of the forum topic list. "Announcements" remain at the top of every page of the forum's topic list.

Note that in this forum only (Noties, FAQs and Guidelines), registered members can reply to any posts, but only the admin (yours truly) can post new topics.


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