Not Octopus 2 'The Sequel'


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Nov 14, 2002
...em yeah..... not ceph related again!

I have mentioned my freshwater tank a couple of times and I dug out my old 'just for fun' web site to post a few pics of my fw tank.

The tank has been running since sep/oct last year and is a 140gal 36"x30x30 tank. There are plenty of fish in it and plants.

I am using a different camera this weekend, so some of the pics are not as clear as i would like, but i'll get used to it and post more soon. (my gf managed to borrow it from her work :) )

All for now

Heres the link Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos
Hey Colin!

Very nice tank!!!! Your mystery goby (it almost looks like a saltwater one I've seen) reminds me of when I worked in a petshop quite a few years ago. Used to love the fish orders, cause sometimes, you find something weriod with the regular stuff, and being I was putting it away, I got first dibs!!!!

thanks Carol

This goby was found swimming in puddles on the floor of the importers warehouse. I seen it scooting about and caught it. I asked the boss about it and he says they are soemtimes found in with Hong Kong plecs.
when i first looked at it i couldnt decide if it should go in a fw or sw tank LOL! It does look marine doesnt it?

an unrelated NOT OCTOPUS question. fish litterbox?

I wasn't sure where to post this NOT OCTOPUS question/observation, so I stuck it here. I brought it to this forum because so many of you are knowledgeable about animal behavior.

Has anyone ever seen a fish use a litterbox? I have a mimic tang in a 120 gallon XH tank (it's 5 feet long). Other fish are harlequin tusk fish, asfur angel and flame hawk. The tank has, at the moment, a bare bottom, about 70 lbs of live rock, with some coral rubble (fragments of live rock on one end). I noticed a pile of green lumpy stuff in the coral rubble. Mysteriously, the pile kept getting larger! Finally, I caught the mimic tang "doing his business" there. Now that I'm watching, I've never seen him do it anywhere else, unless he is startled away from "his spot".

It doesn't seem to be a territorial thing -- he's all over the tank. I've never seen anything like it. Anyone else observe behavior like this, or know a reason for it?


P.S. Colin, I went to your site -- really beautiful. I hope you keep posting pictures. How many tanks do you have?
Colin -

That stingray is cool! How long do they typically live for? Do they get along well with cephs?

And the tank is incredible. Very impressive! :thumbsup:
Hi Carol,

I think your camera question is getting lost, so, since I've already asked Colin the same question, I'm going to reply - he used a Nikon Coolpix 885, if I'm not mistaken. The reason I was interested is that the color is so good in his photos.

I have a Nikon Coolpix 950 and we recently bought the new Coolpix 5700 and added a wide angle lens. Very pleased with both these cameras.

I'm also researching the how to best take photos of aquariums and think that most of the digital cameras, especially those that will take photos of at least 3 megapixels, have more than enough features to get good photos. The trick is to learn how to use all these feaures! It also really helps to have a good software program (I have Photoshop LE) to make changes and corrections after the picture has been taken.

Maybe someone in our TONMO community has one of the cameras you're interested in and can comment. I've also found many good camera reviews on the web.

Hi Nancy!

Happy New year to ya!! :)

I've been looking at the canon G2 but have kind of decided on the Sony Powershot S85. I like the feature of being able to take unlimited video's depending on the size of the card. Plus it adjusts more so to low light, without a flash and it's cheaper!!! Have been all over the web researching, reviews, ebay everywhere and this is the one I'm leaning towards. Right now I have a canon rebel about 8 yrs. old.

Hope to hear what others are using!!!

Hi Tony

tTo answer your question... the rau should live for approx 20 years i'd guess??? And I dont think that a ray and an octo would get on, one or the other would get eaten eventually.

That ray in my tank is a freshwater ray from the Amazon

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