Normal behavior?

Nov 17, 2008
So I wantn't sure if this should go in care or behavior, but I decided care. I apologize if I am incorrect.

I have an a. aculeatus, mantle length about 1.5-2"

55 gal tank, one damsel with him (no idea about gender, just have been calling it a him), my nitrites/nitrates/ammonia is fine, temperature is 75˚ The only thing he'll eat is frozen krill, but he did pop open a clam the other night, and I've had him for about 10 or 11 days.

My question is he only eats in his cave, and barely then, but he's not scared of my hand at all. He nibbles at a lot of stuff but doesn't usually full consume anything, he'll actually push away food that I try to give him. He does not show any predatory behavior at all, no interest whatsoever about finding or attacking any sort of food. He's inked twice, and only likes to crawl up and down one side of the tank.

Is this normal, or what am I doing wrong?

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