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[Non-Ceph]: Everyone should check this out!


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Dec 20, 2002
Sorry this is a little off topic (if the mods want to move or delete it they can.) but I just completed reading the most outragous thread ever. I am aware that this is a octo site but most people here know about other types of marine animals and hate when they are neglected.
Here is the thread Reef Central Online Community I will pretty much sum up what happened. On the morning show a spokes person from Tetra went on TV and said keeping marine life is idiot proof. Then proceded to put A HIPPO TANG,TWO CLOWNS,A BRITTLE STAR,AND TWO SEAHORSES in a FIVE GALLON MINI BOW. This is totally outragous and I think most people should take part in the boycott and letter writing to tetra.
Thanks Tonmo,
I thought everyone should know, somthing like that should not be excused. I cant amagine the amount of fish that will die do to this persons ignorance.
JJ :x
This is bad, real bad. If people who are new to this hobby see this, they might think that it is ok to keep marine fish in small tanks or overcrowd their fish tanks. :frown:
tetra should have known much better than to have appeared like that.

I have actually attended several seminars hosted by Tetra in the UK and their content was always good. This stinks of jumping on bandwagons and cashing in on recent TV programmes however...

Any links direct to the show in question?
This is amazing to me...I also attend conferences annually, and Tetra has always put on a good presentation, and anwered all questions in a well fashioned manner. How they could slip up and let this one go soooo bad is beyond me. I guess even the speciality companies aren't above making a $ off of Little Nemo stuff. Too bad.
I read the 27 (yep, 27) pages of comment on reef central, and I thought that some interesting points were raised, but I don't think a ban or boycott of Tetra is a solution. It's like calling fried potatoes "freedom fries"...kinda silly in the long run. A company doesn't care about boycotts, they care about the customers who spend money with them...a better approach would be to call all of the local Tetra dealers, and ask them for a public statement of clarification...the same goes for CBS. If everyone goes off half-cocked and just says "I'll never buy Tetra, or watch CBS, again!" no one will ever get the CORRECT information about salt water fish keeping.... :grad:
I will have to talk to some local stores tomorrow and see if anyone has come in to buy some tangs for their 5 gallon..."oh yeah, and someone said we need to put salt in the water?"

Oh well...sigh.
Things like this makes some of Pakocs theories make sense in the long run.
I don't seem to remember any theories, just diatribe...oh well.
Captive animals are always going to be scrutinized, and perhaps justly so...case in point: monkeypox virus.
We need to be self-policing here, especially with regards to cephs, who have a short life span, and a cute appearance. The majority of the public would be of the opinion that they should be in the wild, and not in captivity at all...it takes a lot of persuasion to convince an amateur of the validity of captive animal maintainance.
okay, 'theories' was a bad word to use as there was so much excess drivel there too :smile:

I think that the aquatic industry has escaped quite a lot of scrutinisation up until now. As most of the general populus have the idea that fish have a 10 second memory and dont feel pain and all things from the sea are still considered as just being sea food!

However, if this new film is making them look cute and have feelings then there will be some kick back.

i have been following threads on other forums about the film and apparantly some LFS are selling tangs and clowns side by side with signs like 'As seen in Nemo......'

they did similar with owls for harry potter and iguanas were sold as 'baby dinosaurs' in the early 90s for jurassic park too
OH, there are some stores here that have "nemo clowns" for sale...I guess I can't blame them toooooo much. It has been such a rough economic year in the pet trade. Lots of stores closing down. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out...
yeah, we just need to hope our hobby doesn't suffer from all the impulse buys.

time will tell
octo farms

I think it would be great if more people started ceph farms, not ony would it depleat the number of cephs taken from the wild, but could be used to help populate area's that have been "over picked". Personaly i would rather an occy that was tank raised, that way you know how old it is and what type. If anyone who see's this does have a ceph farm, i would like to hear how it is run, possably i could start my own! (sometimes dreams become reality).
Check out the buy/trade thread on Tonmo...there is a guy selling cb bimacs...you could ask him about octos, and Colin is the resident expert on cuttles (we do hope to be breeding those here next year...still a lot of blingbling to put out!)

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