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No longer eating, has red sores

Mar 24, 2004
My octo bought from a LFS three months ago as a baby with maybe at 1/2" mantle has now blossomed into a 4" specimen (though we're not quite sure what kind it is). He has stopped eating and I noticed there was a sore on his mantle and on one of his suckers. I tested the water parameters and noted that the salinity was a little low at 1.023 so I've been slowly raising it again. But other than that, am not sure why he would stop eating and have these sores.
Please go ahead and give us the rest of your water parameters:
pH, nitrites, nitrates, ammonia. We ask this when there's a problem.

I can't help you with the cause of the sores, but at least this will give a better picture of the water quality for someone else to respond.

Any chance the octo could have bumped against something sharp in the tank?
The ammonia, nitrates/nititates are at zero and the pH is at 8.2. I took out all the rock in the tank and soaked it in high salinity water to get all the inverts off to make sure there wasn't anything in there that could be getting him. There's really nothing sharp he could be cutting himself on, aside from the live rock.

He's definately not a dwarf, though.
That is definately not a dwarf, unless your brother is 1 years old :P

Do you know the species? I don't suppose the lfs said anything about the locale where it came from. With all that webbing, mebbe a cyanea?????

The params look good. Get that salinity up quick though could be the cause of him not eating! What temp is the tank at?

Mebbe a UV might help the sores. Just a thought. I know someone else is having some problems with sores on their octo.

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GL to you and the octo!
I think its another briareus....

it is worth checking your test kits... most only have a shelf life of 6 months after they are first opened, i have had tanks for many years and have never had a tank show zero for all three at once, perhaps they are out of date? especially if you reckon you have killed off a lot of the inverts on your live rock, that would normally produce a large spike...
I have sores too... and im sorry to say so far nothing has worked... I have practically sterilised my entire tank adn put a uv steriliser on.. my water is good too but it seems to keep growing... i wiosh i could give you something a bit more positive but i cant... i am in the process of liasing with a few people in the know about other options and although i hate the idea will be seeking out more info on what medicine can be used but as soon as i find anything i'll be sure to share it with you "the perfect01"... good luck! hope he gets better.... :(
Looks on back of bottle:

Melafix has been tested and found safe to use in aquariums housing invertebrates such as live corals and anemones.

I dont know. Ive used it in my 10 gallon with ghost shrimp. Nothing went wrong there. They arent as sensitive as cephalopods though. Overall, it's your choice theperfect01 and krogey. :|
yep, and several products for fish have appeared on the market in recent years based on garlic

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