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Pygmy Octopus
Mar 3, 2005
Hi everyone, what a wonderful community this is! To be honest, I am very limited in my knowledge of the amazing Cephalopod. However, I've been searching the net as much as possible to increase my knowledge because I can't even believe how increadible they are! I would love to own one, but obviously would like to know enough about them and there habitat, etc. to provide a comfortable living space.

It's quite obvious that you all care very much for these amazing creatures and I would love to learn more.
Any pointers on:
1) Finding as much info as possible
2) Starting a setup
Reading all the articles under Ceph Care is a great start. If you search google on keeping octopus (and other word variations, ie octopus pet, etc) you'll find a few articles from online saltwater organizations. That will also bring up some of James Wood's articles on Cephbase.

Once you have a general idea of what is involved, spend some time searching through the tank talk and journal archives here at TONMO for information on specifics.

Welcome! Ceph Care is an excellent place to start!!! Knowledge is what helps keeping these amazing creatures a success!!! Enjoy the site!!!

Interesting indeed!

Thanks for the tips. I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me soon (hopefully) through my progress towards gaining more information on these crazy creatures!

Thanks again,
Wow, looks like a big welcome! Have fun with the ceph stuff. It takes a lotta work, but it is well worth it. Or so I hear...

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