[News]: Steve O'Shea is keynote speaker at...

I can just hear the Neil Diamond music being piped in during his walk to the podium...

Go get 'em Steve!
Hadn't thought of that angle...for a bit there, I was feeling somewhat sorry for Steve, what with all the stress and everything...heck!
Hey, are you going to wear that wig?
..... how the Tonmo radar picked that one up I don't know! The talk is actually on the 23rd or 24th (I forget; I think [hope] they have their dates wrong for the address in that press release .... coz I've not writtent he talk yet), the same day or day after filming wraps on the current Discovery doco.
hmmmmm and there I liked the line about wallowing around in decaying colossal squid!

I've just spent a week teaching in the science summer school here at otago, but I couldn't get any whole squid for them to dissect :evil: they had to make do with sharks and flatfish (which, BTW, they didn't like!)


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